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Amigurumi Glow


Amigurumi Glow is another member of Amigurumi family that offers excellent quality for crochet and knitting and brings a surprise: it glows in the dark! Get ready for much more beautiful and surprising projects in every detail!

This yarn is suitable for production of details and whole pieces, has great performance and a Glow effect that does not come out after washing. To charge the yarn, expose it to natural or artificial light on all sides for about 1 hour. Glow effect last on average, 15 minutes.

Amigurumi Glow is non-toxic and harmless. Its construction process prevents the special application that makes it glow from contacting the consumer's skin. Therefore, it is completely safe for everyone.

Technical Data

Yarn: 2,1 Ne
Tex: 476
Composition: 100% polyester
Length: 105 m | 114,8 yds
Weight: 50 g | 1,76 oz
Crochet hook: 2 mm to 4 mm | Knitting needle: 2,5 mm to 4,5 mm

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