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Clover Soft Crochet Hook


Clover hooks, desired by artisans around the world who value high quality and comfort when sewing, are now also part of Círculo's product mix.

Made of aluminum, the Soft line is lightweight and ergonomic, developed to provide well-being to the hands and avoid the fatigue of the craftsman. This is only possible thanks to the needle handle, which is soft and comfortable.

Soft hooks have a more elongated tip, which ensures a firm threading, easy removal of stitches, and an even better structured piece.

Technical Data

Composition: Aluminum and Plastic
Length: 13.5cm
Sizes: 2mm - 2.5mm - 3mm - 3.5mm - 4mm - 4.5mm - 5mm - 5.5mm - 6mm
Colors: 9

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