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Jeans is the first 100% cotton yarn that will provide to the handmade pieces made of it the effect of the most fabric used in the world. With a medium thickness, available in 10 different colors in a way to show this dyeing aspect.

The artisan who works with Jeans can let your imagination run wild to create varied pieces such as pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, blouses, as well as accessories and decoration objects, all with great beauty and style.

Technical Data

Yarn: Ne 7,80/2/5 - (757 Tex)
Composition: 100% cotton
Lenght and weight: 132m/ 144,3yds and 100g/ 3,5oz
Crochet Hook: 2,0mm to 4,0mm / B-1 to G-6 US
Knitting needles: 2,5mm to 4,5mm
Total of Colors: 10

  • 8747

  • 8749

  • 8752

  • 8740

  • 8739

  • 8741

  • 8742

  • 8736

  • 8751

  • 8738

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