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Barroco Natural Brilho


Natural Cotton Maxcolor Sparkle boasts the liveliness and quality of Natural Cotton Maxcolor with an extra touch of sparkle. Ideal for Christmas pieces and decoration, this yarn has a metallic fiber, which brings sophistication to your designs and a shiny end result.

Technical Data

Yarn Ne 0,64 - (922 Tex)
Composition: 98% cotton and 2% metallic fiber
Length and Weight: 216m and 200g
Crochet Hooks: 3.5mm to 5.0mm
Knitting Hooks: 5.5 mm to 7.0 mm
Total of Colors: 9

*Colors 7259 and 3402 have metallic fiber in the same color of yarn.

  • Brilho Ouro 4/4

  • Brilho Ouro 4/6

  • Brilho Prata 4/4

  • Brilho Prata 4/6

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