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The concern about the environmental preservation is part of our routine. Believing that we need to head towards a more sustainable world, we keep a constant research work of new technologies and we develop internal solutions to make our products more sustainable day by day.


The Dye Clean process was adapted on a pioneering way and today we are the only Brazilian yarn company that uses this process to dye some of the colors of our yarns. This process allows that the water used in the dyeing process can be used for several products with no need to be replaced for clean water. That option results in an economy of 90,92% of water on the yarns that the process was implemented.

With the implementation of DYE Clean, we were able to:

  • Reduce the salinization of the effluent that goes to Itajaí-Açu
  • Reduce the water collection from Itajaí-Açu
  • Reduce the consumption of chemical products
  • Reduce the production of sludge to the landfill
  • Reduce the consumption of electrical energy, water and steam

The reuse of the coloring baths has caused a reduction in the disposal of organic and inorganic products. In this context, Círculo remains as a pioneering company, as it´s the only company in Brazil that dyes mercerized yarn using that technology. This fact also contributes to Círculo´s status in the industry as an innovating company.

Even though the Dye Clean process can´t be used on all our yarn production, it has already caused a very significant reduction in the quantity of water that is collected from the river Itajaí Açu.

The adjustment of this process to the yarn dyeing had been a challenge, but it brought an impressive reduction in the consumption of chemical products: in a year, Círculo stopped using 90 tons of this kind of products.

An immediate result of the reduction in the consumption of chemical products is the reduction of production and transportation of sludge to the landfill.

One more advantage of the Dye Clean that had added to our Energy Efficiency Policy.

Environmental Conduct We Perform

Círculo maintains its quality by obtaining the following environmental benefits:

  • Recycling of textile waste
  • Water treatment
  • Effluent treatment
  • Disposal reduction of organic and inorganic products
  • Energy efficiency Policy (Electrical energy, water and steam)
  • Replacement of firewood burn for wood chips
  • Reutilization of cotton and polypropylene waste
  • Maintenance of a large native forest area of reforestation

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